Whats is Signals - Types of Signals with Easy Words


The data is transmitted from one place to another in the form of electromagnetic or light waves through communication medium. The electromagnetic or light waves representing data are called signals.

Types of Signals
There are two types of signals.

  1. Analog signals
  2. Digital signals
1- Analog Signals
    The analog signal is a continuous electrical signal. It is the form of wave. This wave is called a carrier wave. The data through telephone line is communicated in the form of analog signals.

The light waves, sound waves or radio waves are examples of analog signals.

Characteristics of Analog Signals
The analog signals has two characteristics:-

Frequency: The number of times a wave repeats during a specific time interval is called frequency. It is measured in Hertz (Hz).

Amplitude:  The height of a wave within a given period of time is called amplitude.


2- Digital Signals
    A digital signals is a sequence of voltage represented in binary form. Actually, digital signals are in the form of ON and OFF electrical pulses. These signals are in discontinuous or discrete form. Most of the computers are digital. Data is represented inside these computers in the form of binary numbers (or in the form of discrete set of values). It means that computers accept and process data in the form of digital signals.


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