What is a Computer Virus? - Explain with Easy Words

A computer virus is a computer program. It can disturb the normal working of the computer system. It can also destroy important data and software stored in a computer.
The code for a computer virus is written in programming language. This code is attached to a file such as program file. A file containing virus is called infected file. When the infected file is copied to a disk, the virus is also copied and it hides itself on the disk. A disk that contains virus/viruses is called infected disk.

A computer virus cannot damage computer hardware. However, different computer viruses create different problems in different ways. The most common problems are:

  • A virus may destroy all data stored in the hard disk by formatting it.
  • A virus may change the boot sector of the hard disk. If the boot sector of a disk is affected, it cannot boot the computer.
  • A computer virus is automatically loaded from disk into memory of the computer. It slows down the data accessing speed of the computer.
  • A virus may make resources unavailable to the users. on a network, may affect the communication activity on the network.

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