How to Use HandBrake Latest Version for Reduce Video File Size

HandBrake is the best program in which you can easily reduce your file size. This program can 20% to 30% reduce your video file size. It means if your video file size 1,000MB so this program easily reduce your video file in 700MB. You can reduce any size of video file like 1Gigabyte, 1Terabyte etc. In this post you can learn about How to Reduce video file size using Handbrake program. And don't think about quality because video quality will not lose. It is very simple way to understand with easy steps. You can also see this tutorial in video below.

1- For free download this program just click here Handbrake and download like the image below.

After installing you can see an icon of Pineapple on your desktop by name of HandBrake.

2- Now open this program and then you will see a window like the image below.

3- Go to Source button and select the option of Video File like the image below and then choose a video file which you want to reduce.

4- You can change destination where you want to save new reduced file by go to Browse like the image below.

5- Now setup the output setting by go to Container and choose MKV File like the image below.

Other settings are regular so don't change anything.

6- Now click on Start button to encoding process like the image below.

In five minutes file size will be reduced and you can collect new file by go to your selected destination.

It is done. Enjoy :)

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