What is World Wide Web (WWW) - Explain with Easy Words

The World Wide Web is commonly known as web. It was launched in 1989 at the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva. It is the latest addition on the Internet to exchange information. It is a network of web servers that stores web pages.

The documents on the web are called web pages. Web pages are created/designed in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). The web pages are also known as hypertext documents. A web page may contain simple text, images, and hyperlinks (or simply links). The web pages are connected to each other using hyperlinks. The user can jump from one page to another by clicking the hyperlinks. The web pages are accessed using web browsers. The HTTP (Hyper Text transfer Protocol) protocol is used for communication between browsers and web servers. This protocol works on top of the TCP/IP.

A collection of related web pages is called a website. Each website has a unique address. The websites are stored on computers that are permanently connected to the Internet. These computers are called web servers. The process to store web page on the web server is called publishing the page or uploading the page. Similarly, retrieving web document from server to client computer is called downloading the page.

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