Privacy Issue - How is Data Privacy Ensured

Privacy means that any person has the right to see data collected about him. For this purpose, he has to submit an application to view his personal data. Similarly, a person also has the right to stop the processing of his data by the organization.

No worker of the organization is allowed to disclose or use the data kept by his organization. If he uses the data of an organization without permission he is committing a crime.

If your computer system holds private information belonging to an individual then it is your moral duty to ensure that this information is not used (or given to anyone) without owner's permission.

For example, doctors, government, departments, credit agencies and many other large organizations store their important information. This data/information is most sensitive and private. In many countries, this right is guaranteed under data protection rules.

Ensuring The Data Privacy
The following points should be considered to ensure the individual's privacy.

  • The organization is responsible for keeping the data updated.
  • The organization should keep data for the specified period of time only. It cannot keep it longer than necessary time period.
  • The organization is responsible for all kinds of security of data.

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