What is Output - Function of Output Device

The data processed into a useful form is called output. The user can receive output from the computer on a screen or print on the papper through printer. In case of audio output, then it can be received through speaker.

The output is normally classified into two categories.
  1. Softcopy Output
  2. Hardcopy Output
1- Softcopy Output
    The output received on the display screen is called softcopy output. The output in the form of audio or video or file stored on disk is also softcopy output. This kind of output is not tangible. It means that softcopy output cannot be touched. The most popular and commonly used softcopy output device is display screen and speaker (for audio output).

2- Hardcopy Output
    The output printed on the paper is called hardcopy output. It may be in the form of text and graphics. The output devices; printers and plotters are used for this purpose.

Function of Output Device
A hardware component which is used to receive the output from the computer is called an output device. It takes information from computer and converts it in a form that a user can understand. A list of commonly used output devices is as follows:
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Plotters
  • Speakers