Uses of Computer in Air Line and Weather Forecasting

Airline System
In airline system, computers are used to control passenger aircrafts and other vehicles. The modern aircrafts are controlled by sending signals to different parts (electronic devices) of the aircraft. The pilot controls all activities of the aircraft through a computerized system. The pilot also communicates with the control room during flight.

Airlines also proved online access. The passenger can connect their notebook or handheld computer to the web during their flights.

Airline system also provide the following facilities to customers:
  • for reservation of seats online.
  • information about different flights etc.
Weather Forecasting
Computer is also used i weather forecasting. For this purpose, computer-based weather forecasting systems or models are used. The weather forecasting depends upon the accurate calculations on metrological data. The data is collected from different weather stations and weather satellites etc. The collected data is given to the computer model which generates the weather forecast. The accuracy of weather forecast is form 70% to 905. Weather forecast helps to make different decisions for performing different activities in daily life.

Fore example:
  • Some businesses depend upon weather.
  • In agricultural field different activities are performed by getting information about weather.
  • Different functions are arranged in daily life by seeing the weather forecast etc.