3 Types of Modems

In terms of physical size and shape, Modems can be divided into following categories:
  1. External Modem
  2. Internal Modem
  3. Wireless Modem
1- External Modem
    External modem is an external unit of computer. It is separated from system unit. It is connected to the serial port COM1 or COM2 of the computer by means of a cable. It is also linked to the telephone line through telephone walk Jack. An external power is also supplied to it. External modem is very easy to set up. It is more expensive. However, it has more advanced features. It has very high data transmission speed. It can easily be moved from one computer to another.

2- Internal Modem
An internal modem is a circuit board (or modem card). It is installed into one of the expansion slots inside the system unit of the computer. This modem cannot be moved easily from one PC to another. It is also difficult to configure. It is less expensive than external modem. However, its data transmission speed is slower than external modem.

3- Wireless Modem
Wireless modem consists of modem and antenna. It is also known as radio frequency modem. It transmits the data signals through air. This type of modem is used with laptop computers. It is also used with desktop computers for connecting to a wireless local area network.

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