Communication Media - Types of Communication Media

A path through which data is transmitted from one place to another is known as Communication media. It is also known as Communication channel. The twisted pair wire, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, microwave, satellite etc. are examples of communication channels.

Types of Communication Media
The communication media is divided into two types:
  1. Guided Media
  2. Unguided Media
1- Guided Media
    The types of communication media in which communication devices are directly linked with each other via cables or physical media is called Guided media. The data signals are bounded to cabling media. Therefore, guided media is also called Bounded media. The examples of guided or bounded media are:
  • Twisted pair wire
  • Coaxial cable
  • Fiber optic cable
2- Unguided Media
    The type of Communication media in which communication devices sends and receives data signals through air or space is called Unguided media. The data is communicated in the form of wave. Unguided media provides means to transmit data signals but does not guide them along a specific path. The data signals are not bounded to a cabling media. Therefore, unguided media is also called Unbounded media.

This transmission medium is used when it is impossible to install the cables.The data can be transmitted all over the world through this medium. The examples of unguided media are:
  • Microwave
  • Satellite Communication
  • Mobile Communication

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