Captcha Image Api Reader Scandal - Don't Investment

There are many people in the world who are cheating. Today we have a new story about that person, whose name is "Muhammad Salman". He opened a company by the name of Salman & E-Solution, in which provide the (Online Computer Academy, Online Jobs, Website Development, Software Development, Multimedia Development, Dollar Exchange, Online Shopping etc.) to the people. The company has branches in Pakistan, but this company also has three web sites. Whose names are:
  • www.e-solution.com.pk
  • smartearnonlinejobs.com
  • www.visiononlinejobs.com

A few months ago, this company (Salman & E-Solution) presented a fake scheme, in which the project was given by the name of Auto Captcha and in addition, a software provided which name was Captcha Image Api Reader. And this software was attached with a website (gbtads.com, captcha2cash.com, megatypers.com etc). The registration fee of this project was 10,000 to 15,000/PKR and 117 to 177/USD.

This work was automatically and have not had any work on it. Therefore, people have increasingly started this project. The IDs of this project has more than 5000 registered and the company had ​​profits of more than 5 Crores. That work was of it:

After few months, that project has been finished and the company's owner (Muhammad Salman) fled with all that money. Now people are worried that how they will get back the money and do not know that where he (Muhammad Salman) will be enjoying.

It was the purpose of all this telling, save yourself from such fraud and fake people.

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