The Promo Bay Website has been Banned in UK

After successfully checking out to promote the platform for musicians through file sharing, TPB officially launched The Promo Bay as a separate platform for content creators. However, in a few days, the UK’s ISPs banned the website. The Promo Bay was started as a begin pad to new content creators and proved to be a great think. The Promo Bay was praised not only by TPB’s users, but also from several artists who was signed up in a certain months. This success made The Pirate Bay to take a decision to create a dedicated Promo Bay website. For the BitTorrent tracker, this is a chance to make better organized use of the thousands of submissions the original platform received.

However, a few days after its launched, a number of the most prominent Internet service providers of Great Britain decided to block their subscribers, access to The Promo Bay, including the BT and Virgin Media. The only question is why a perfectly legitimate portal, designed for musicians to develop by publishing their work with their approval, got banned? The reason of the blockage might be that The Promo Bay’s domain is on the same list as TPB. However, the portal operators hope that this was an accident, saying that the ISPs are quite monolithic and old school, so it may be just a broad-scale block against a bunch of TPB properties and The Promo Bay fell under the net. In other words, they doubt that it was a pointed move against The Promo Bay in particular. The hopes are that the ISPs will do right and lift the ban when “some clever tech in their ranks does something” to remedy the situation.

In the meanwhile, The Promo Bay has put up a petition in a bid to get their website working in the United Kingdom.

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