What is Security - 4 Methods are Used to Protect a Computer

Security is a system of safeguards. It is designed to protect a computer system and data from damage or access by unauthorized persons. Different methods / techniques are used to protect a computer system from unauthorized access. These techniques or methods are as follows:
  1. What you have?
  2. What you know?
  3. What you do?
  4. What you are?
1- What you have?
Unauthorized access can be protected by providing a key, token, or plastic card to authorized users. An authorized user can use any of these to gain access to the locked-up server room or a building.

2- What you know?
Authorized users are given User-IDs and Passwords. A password is a secret word or code. It consists of alphabets, digits, or combination of alphabets and digits. The user-ID and password must be entered to get access to the system. Only those users who know the user-ID and password can access the system.

3- What you do?

Authorized users are asked to enter his signature on the document to confirm that they are authorized users. 

4- What you are?
This approach is also called biometrics. In this approach, biological means, such as fingerprints, voice recognition, eye retina etc. are used for the identification of an authorized user.

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