What is RAM - Different Types of RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Another term used for main memory RAM. It is called random access memory because data from RAM can be accessed directly. RAM is also known as primary storage.

RAM is a volatile memory. It means that data and programs stored in RAM are lost when the power is turned off. So RAM is used to store data and instructions temporarily.

RAM is a read/write memory. It is because CPU can perform only read and write operations on RAM. In read operation, CPU reads data or instructions from RAM. Similarly, in write operation, CPU writes data or instructions or results of calculations into RAM.

The storage capacity of RAM is measured in bytes. Microcomputers come with different amounts of RAMs, which are from 128 MB to 2 GB. More RAM means the computer can use program with large size. It also improves the data processing speed of the computer.

Accessing Data in Main Memory
Actually, the main memory of a computer is viewed as a collection of bytes arranged in an order. CPU can access any byte from the main memory by specifying its address. Different bytes of the main memory can be accessed directly or randomly. Accessing any part of the memory takes equal amount of time. Main memory is very fast to access data as compared to other storage devices like the magnetic and optical disks. It is because; main memory does not involve any mechanical movement in accessing data

Types of RAM
RAMs are built using two different technologies. Therefore, RAM is divided into two types.
  1. DRAM
  2. SRAM
    DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. This type of RAM is used in most of the computers. In order to maintain data in DRAM, it is refreshed with electric charge again and again; otherwise data stored into it can be lost. It utilizes more power. During refreshing process, CPU cannot write and read data to and from the DRAM. That is why it is slow.

    SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory. It does not have to be refreshed with electric charge again and again. It is faster than DRAM because CPU does not have to wait to access data from SRAM. SRAM chips utilize less power. However, SRAM is more expensive than the DRAM. In most modern computer SRAM technology is used to build very fast memory. This memory is known as the cache memory.

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There is another type of RAM called MRAM

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