What is Office Automation - Computer based Systems

The process of automation office tasks with the help of computer technology is called office automation (OA). Different types of tasks are performed in an office. These tasks include:
  • Decision-making
  • Data manipulation
  • Document handling
  • Communication & information storage
In an automated system, all these tasks are performed using computer or information technology. Various computer-based systems are used for office automation.

The following computer-based systems are used in many offices for office automation:
1- Document management system
2- Message handling system
3- Office support system

1- Document management system
    Document management system consists of different applications that are used to prepare documents. These applications are:
  • Word processing: It is used to create and edit documents. The documents may include letters, memos, proposals, reports, newsletters and brochures etc.
  • Desktop processing: It is used to make the documents more attractive by inserting photos and graphics into the documents.
  • Spreadsheet software: It is used to manage and to process data in rows and columns.
  • Reprographic: It is the process of reproducing multiple copies of a document.
  • Image processing: It is used to scan images and to store them into computer. These images can be inserted into the document.
2- Message handling system
    Message handling system is used to send and receive message electronically from one location to another. In most of the offices, the messages are sent and received through computer network and facsimile (Fax). For example, e-mails or voice mails are sent and received through Internet.

3- Office support system
    Office support system is used to coordinate and manage the activities of work group. The members of the work group can share their work and co-ordinate with each other. Groupware and desktop organizers are examples of office support system.

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