What is Main Memory - Describe Structure of Main Memory

A component of the computer, which is used to store data and instructions is called memory. The personal computer contains a main memory. A program is first loaded in the computer memory before it is executed. The instructions of the loaded program are executed one by one by the CPU. The data and results of calculations are also stored in the main memory. The main memory is also known as working area of the computer. A computer cannot work without having main memory.

A computer system consists of two types of memories.
i)   RAM
ii)  ROM

Structure of Main Memory
The main memory used in modern computer is built in the from of a chip. The chip is made of a semi-conductor material. The main memory of a computer consists of thousands 0 or 1. These cells are logically organized into group of 8 bits called a byte. A figure is given below, which shows memory cells organized as a byte.

Each byte in the memory has a unique number assigned ti it. This number is called the address of that byte. This scheme of arranging cells into bytes is shown in figure below.

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