What is Internet - Working of The Internet

The internet is the network of networks around the world. It is a global network of computer. It consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks. The Internet connects millions of computers. These computers are called hosts. The communication protocol used for Internet is TCP/IP. The computers on Internet are linked through different communication media. The commonly used communication media are telephone lines, fiber optic cables, microwave and satellite.

A large number of books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia, and other types of materials are available in electronic from on the Internet. We can find information or news on about almost any thing of the world. We can also access latest information or news on any topic. It means that Internet is an ocean of knowledge.
             In addition of finding information, we can communicate with other people around the world. Due to Internet our world has become a "global village".

Working of The InternetThere is no particular organization that controls the Internet. Different networks of private companies, government agencies, research organizations, universities etc. are interconnected together. You can say that the Internet is a collection of millions of computers, all linked together.

A personal computer can be linked to the Internet using a phone-line modem, DSL or cable modem. The modem is used to communicate with the server of an Internet Server Provider (ISP). ISP is a company that provides the Internet connections to the users. There are many ISP companies in each country of the world. The user has to get an Internet connection from any ISP company to connect to the Internet.

A computer in a business or university is usually connected with LAN using Network Interface Card (or LAN card). The LAN of university or business is connected to the server of ISP using a high-speed phone line such as TI Line. A TI Line can handle approximately 1.5 million bits per second. A normal phone line using a modem can handle 30,000 to 50,000 bits per second.

The user's computer connects to ISP's server makes its connection to larger ISP. The largest ISPs maintain fiber-optic lines, under sea cables or satellite links. In this way, every computer on the Internet is connected to every other computer on the Internet. The following figure shows how an Internet works.

 Figure: Structure of the Internet

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