What is Groupware - Describe Workgroup Computing

The software which is used for workgroup computing is known as groupware. It is used on computer networks. This software allows many users or researchers to share information online. Groupware also permits the individuals to collaborate (work together) with their colleagues inside the organization.

Workgroup Computing
A group of persons working together on a particular task and sharing information through computer network is called workgroup. The process of sharing information among various of workgroup through computer network is called workgroup computing. The workgroup computing is also known as collaborative computing.

The member of the workgroup may be at different cities or even in different countries. They can share and discuss their ideas and experiences over the computer network. They can share different types of data files. They can even see and talk to each other over the network.

The exchange of information is very fast over the computer networks. The idea of workgroup computing has played an important role in research and development in various fields in the developed countries.

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