What is Data Communication - The Components of Data Communication in Easy Words

The process of transferring data from one location to another is called Data Communication. In this process, data is transmitted from one location to another by using transmission media.

Components of Data Communication
The basics components or elements of data communication system are as follows:
  1. Message
  2. Sender
  3. Receiver
  4. Medium or Communication Channel
  5. Encoder and Decoder
    1- Message
    The message is the information or data that is to be communicated. It may consist of text, numbers, pictures, sounds, videos or any combination of these.

    2- Sender
    A device that is used for sending messages (or data) is called sender. It is also called transmitter or source. The sender can be a computer, telephone, or a video camera etc. Usually, a computer is used as sender in data communication system.

    3- Receiver
    A device that is used for receiving messages is called receiver. It is also known as sink. The receiver can be a computer, telephone set, printer, or a fax machine etc. Usually, a computer is also used as receiver in data communication system.

    4- Medium
    The path through which data is transmitted (or sent) from one location to another is called transmission medium. It is also called communication channel. It may be a wire, or fiber optic cable, or telephone line etc. If the sender and receiver are within a building, a wire is used as the medium. If they are located at different locations, the medium may be telephone line, fiber optics, microwave or satellite system.

    5- Encoder and Decoder
    In communication systems, computers are used for senders and receivers. A computer works with digital signals. The communication channels usually use analog signals. The encoder and decoder are used in communication systems to convert signals from one from to another.

    Encoder: The encoder is an electronic device. It receives data from sender in the form of digital signals. It converts digital signals into a form that can be transmitted through transmission medium.

    Decoder: The decoder is an electronic device. It receives data from  transmission medium. It converts encoded signals (i.e. analog signals) into digital form.

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