What is CPU and Describe its Components in easy words

It is the most component of the computer. It is considered as the brain of the computer. CPU is also known as processor. CPU used in personal computer consists of a single chip called the microprocessor. CPU is located on the motherboard inside the system unit. All other components of computer are connected to CPU through the Bus interconnection. CPU sends and receives data to and from different components of the computer through Bus interconnection.

CPU performs all operations on data according to program's instructions. It executes the program instructions and tells other parts of the computer what to do.

Components of CPU
CPU consists of two main components / parts:
  1. Control Unit
  2. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
    1- Control Unit
        Control Unit is the most important part of CPU. It acts as supervisor of the computer. It controls all parts of the computer and coordinates all activities in the computer. For example, it receives the data and instructions from the input devices and stores them in the main memory.

         The control unit also controls the executions of instructions given to the computer. It fetches the instructions and data from the memory unit. It decodes and executes the instructions one by one.

    2-  ALU
         ALU stands for Arithmetic and Logical Unit. It is another important component of CPU. It performs all the arithmetic and logical operations on the data.
    • In arithmetic operations, ALU performs the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    • In logical operations, ALU compares the numerical data as well as alphabetic data. For example, it checks whether first number is greater than the second, less than the second or equal to the second etc.

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