What is Computer Network - 4 Uses / Benefits of Network in easy words

A collection of computers and other devices that are connected together by communication channels for sharing information and resources is called computer network. The resources may include printers, scanners, and hard disks etc. Computer network is also called the information network. The most popular information network is the Internet. In a computer network, two important technologies: computing and telecommunication work together.

The main benefits or uses of computer network are:
  1. Communication
  2. Sharing Resources
  3. Sharing Software
  4. Data Sharing

1- Communication
Using a network, different people can communicate with each other all over the world. People can communicate at very low cost via e-mail, chatting, telephone, video telephone, video conferencing, groupware, and SMS services etc.

2- Sharing Resources
In a computer network, resources such as, printers, scanners, fax machines and modems can be shared among different users. Suppose several personals computers and a laser printer are connected to a network. Each users can access the printer.

3- Sharing Software
In a computer network, usually application programs and other software are stored on the central computer. Users connected to a network can access these programs or software.

4- Data Sharing
In a network environment, any authorized user can access data stored on other computers on the network. For example, on the Internet, a large number of Internet users can access same database.

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