The Web Browsing - The Best Usage of Web Browser

The easiest way to understand that what is Web browsing or Web surfing. Searching information on the World Wide Web is known as web browsing. It is also called web surfing. Millions of web pages are stored on the web servers. They contain information about different topics. You can easily access the required information from these web pages.

The Best Usage of Web Browser
A web browser is an application software. It allows the users to access and view b pages on the Internet. A web browser is also simply called a browser.
Web browser provide the interface to the users to access information on the Internet . The users sends the request to the web server through browser. The web server processes the request and sends back the result to the browser. The browser receives the results and display on the screen. Usually, address of the web page is given to the browser. Many web browsers are available but the most commonly used web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

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