The Modern Scenario or Impact of Information Technology

The word scenario means a "state" or "situation" of any thing or system. The modern impact of information technology has expanded the base of computing and communication. Now information can be exchange through satellite, fiber-optic, mobile phone, and fax machine etc. The information technology has brought a revolution in our life style. The computer utilization is increased. Some important utilization is as follows:

Artificial Intelligence: It is a latest technology which is used in some electronic machines. These machines can think, decide themselves and communicate like human beings.

Web-Based Application: These are computer programs or software. These are used for connecting to the Internet for exchanging information.

E-commerce: It is a process of performing business transactions through computer network i.e. Internet.

M-commerce (Mobile commerce): It is a process of performing business transaction on the Internet through mobile phone.

Computer Animation: The animation means cartoon or moving picture. Animation is a process of creating moving pictures and other special effects for televisions shows, commercials, movies and cartoons.

Multi-media: It refers to an application in which text, graphics, animation, audio, and video effects are combined together and are presented by the computer. Main uses of multimedia applications are in video games and computer based trainings.

Hyper-media: Hyper media is the process of creating links to multimedia files.

Distributed Computing: In distributed computing, a single task is performed on multiple computers.

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Shania said...
5 February 2013 at 12:31

With the ever-advancing technology, we can expect more use for information technology in businesses. In addition to these, another contribution of IT is online advertising, popularly known as internet marketing. With more technological tools at our disposal, our services are more available to the public.

Shania Simpsons

Muhammad Usman said...
23 June 2013 at 22:48

In the world of Information Technology, the people are developing very rapidly. New things are being invented everyday. This is a great contest. You can also join this competition and keep something for prove yourself. :)

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25 February 2016 at 23:50

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