How Virus is activated - Causes of Viruses

When a virus performs its actions, it is called activation of virus. Different computer viruses are activated in different ways. For example, some viruses are activated on a fixed date. Usually these viruses are the part of the application programs (or operating system). When the application program is run on the computer, it checks the system date. If the system date matches the activation date of the virus, the virus is activated.

Causes of Viruses
There are many ways through which viruses may be transferred from one computer to another. Most common ways are as follows:
  1. E-Mail
  2. Networks
  3. Removable Storage Media
  4. Pirated Software
1- E-Mail
    Most of the viruses spread through e-mail messages. A virus is attached to an e-mail message. When a user opens an infected e-mail message, virus is also loaded into the user's computer. in this way, many other program files inside the computer are infected. This virus is also transferred to other computers when e-mail messages are sent from the infected computer to them.

2- Networks
    Another way of spreading virus is by using Internet and other networks. For example, when a user downloads infected programs files from the Internet, the viruses are also transferred to his/her computer. In a LAN, if a computer contains a virus, then all the computers on the network may be infected with that virus.

3- Removable Storage Media
    Data or program files are mostly transferred from one computer to another through removable storage media like floppy disks, CDs and flash drives. When a virus infected file is copied from one computer to another through a removable storage media, the virus is also transferred.

4- Pirated Software
    The word "pirated" means "copied illegally". The software, which is installed into computer without license is called pirated software. Various pirated softwares are available on CDs and on the Internet. Installed pirated software is also a common cause of virus infection. Some companies may intentionally attach some virus programs in their software. These viruses are activated only when they do not find some special files like license file in the computer.

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