Discuss Primary Hardware components of Computer System

The primary hardware components of computer system are shown in the following figure.

1- Input device
    The data and instructions are given to the computer as input. The input device is used to give input the computer. It accepts input (data & program instructions) in a form that a computer can use. The most commonly used input devices are keyboard, and mouse.

2- Processor
    Processor is the most important component of the computer. It is also known as Central Processing Unit (CPU). It is considered as the brain of the computer. It processes (or manipulates) input data according to the given instructions, and converts it into useful information. It is further divided into two main components. These are Control Unit (CU) and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).

3- Memory Unit
    The memory unit is another important part of a computer. It used to store data and instructions that are currently in use. The main memory or RAM is an example of memory unit.

4- Output Device
    The processed data is also known as output. The output device is use to get output from the computer. It gives processed data or results in a form that a user can understand. The commonly used output devices are monitors and printers.

5- Secondary Storage Device
    Secondary storage device is used to store data and programs permanently for later use. The commonly used secondary devices are hard disk, USB drive, floppy disk, and CD-ROM etc.

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