Describe Information Technology in detail

The technology used for processing, storing, and communicating information is called Information technology or IT. It is the combination of hardware and software. It combines computing with high-sped communication links for carrying data from one place to another, all over the world. The website is a type of information technology.
The major components of information technology.
  1. Data or information
  2. Medium or communication network
  3. Computer hardware and software
Before information technology, telephone system was the only source of communication. Today, in addition to telephone system, fax machines, mobile phones, and computers networks are the main source of communication. The users can share and exchange information (or massages) all over the world through computer networks (i.e. Internet) or mobile phone networks. Computer hardware and software are playing main role in information technology.

The world has become a global village due to information technology. The global village means that people living in the world know each other as if they are living in a village. People can exchange information or messages in such a manner as if they are sitting in a drawing room, face to face.

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