Data Security - Importance of Data Security

The protection of data is called data security. Most of the data of an organization stored inside the computer is very important. The data can be lost or destroyed due to different reasons. It can be deleted or destroyed accidentally or intentionally.

Data is more valuable than the computer hardware and software. In case of failure of hardware, it can be replaced. Similarly, in case of loss of software, it can be re-installed. But in case of data loss, it is difficult to recover in time. Necessary arrangements, therefore, must be taken in order to ensure for the security of data. The organization is responsible for the security of data.

Many organization provide the online services to their customers/users. The data is stored online for providing fast services.

  • A credit card company may put data of its customers online.
  • A bank providing online services.
  • A university may provide the facility of viewing results online. Similarly, people take online exams like GRE, GUAT etc.
Importance of Data Security
Data security is very important issue for any organization. If some unauthorized user (also known as "intruder") gains access to the data of an organization, then organization may suffer serious problems.

An authorized user may use the credit card number of another user for shopping. An authorized user may also delete important data of a business or an organization. So data security is very important to protect data from unauthorized access.

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