5 Most Important Attributes of Paragraph Formatting

Paragraph is defined as a group of sentence. But in word processor, the 'paragraph' has different meaning. A new paragraph in document is inserted when Enter key is pressed. A word document may contain multiple paragraphs.

The most important paragraph attributes are:
  1. Line and Paragraph Spacing
  2. Margins
  3. Indents
  4. Text Alignment
  5. Adjusting Tabs
1- Line and Paragraph Spacing
    The white space between two adjust lines of paragraph is called line spacing. You can define the space between lines of text in a paragraph. Lines can be single-spaced, double-spaced or they can be set to any spacing you want.

The white space before and after the paragraph is called paragraph spacing. By default the paragraph spacing is same as the line spacing but it can be changed.

2- Margins
    The white spaces on all sides of a document page are called margins. Margins define the boundaries of the text. The text cannot cross these boundaries. In every document, all the four margins (top, bottom, left and right) can be the same or different.

3- Indents
    The white space between the page margin and the text in a paragraph is called indent. You may indent some text in the document to highlight it. For this purpose, select the paragraph (or paragraphs) that you want to indent and use the horizontal Ruler to set the indents.

4- Text Alignment
    Arrangement of lines of text in a paragraph with respect to left and right margins is called text alignment. There are four alignment options - left, right, center and justified. Paragraph alignment icons or buttons on Formatting Toolbar can be used to align text.

5- Adjusting Tabs
    Tabs are used in documents to accurately move the insertion point to a specified horizontal distance with one keystroke. A Tab stop is a position in the document usually measured from left to right. The keyboard's Tab key moves the insertion point (Cursor) forward, to the right, until it encounters a tab stop.

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